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Episcopal Churches - Overview Charts (Draft)

Why are Episcopal Churches Declining or Growing: An Updated 2010 Facts Survey

Below is a link to the Powerpoint Presentation of the latest graphs. This is a draft, some minor changes will be still be made.

Click here for a Powerpoint presentation

Some of the results from the survey:

The Top Twenty Reasons Churches Most Likely to Grow

1. Newer Congregations

2. Churches with lots of newcomers

3. Churches with a higher percent of female members

4. Churches that have a clear mission and purpose

5. Churches that are spiritually alive and vital

6. Churches that are willing to change and meet new challenges

7. Churches that offer multiple services during the weekend

8. Churches that make a “joyful noise”

9. Congregations that do less kneeling

10. Churches that invite the active participation of children

11. Churches with different types of worship opportunities

12. Congregations that want more members

13. Churches that use new technologies and networks to communicate and evangelize

14. Churches that offer ‘special events” several times or more each year .

15. Churches that have a strong emphasis on Adult Formation

16. Churches that put a strong emphasis on Young Adult Activities

17. Churches that put a strong emphasis on personal prayer and devotion

18. Parents that put a strong emphasis on talking about their faith to children

19. Churches where the Priest spends a greater amount of time on Evangelism

20. Churches where the Priest spends a greater amount of time in the community

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